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last update of decoder: 21.11.2013

VIN decoder / VIN checker / check of vehicle identification number online and free of charge

Universal VIN decoder for Škoda, Audi, Volkswagen, Citroen, Chevrolet, Opel, Volvo, Mitsubishi and many other manufacturers.

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decoding VIN

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VIN in general

Believe or not, most of information about VIN is only half-truth. Except of base information, of course.

According to the specifications VIN is unique identifier of vehicle and you can gain som information about car from it. In general you can read country of origin and manufacturer from VIN, others is grey zone. Some manufacturers (for example Škoda) codes model, body type and motor into VIN, others (for example Alfa Romeo) encodes into VIN only model of car and no other information.

VIN formed in 1981, before body has been marked with code too, but all information and format of code depended on manufacturer. Today VIN has 17 alphanumeric characters and partialy specified form. For elimination of mistakes VIN must not contain characters I, Q, O (for substitution with 0 and 1) and some sections of VIN have other specifications and restrictions.

Sections of VIN code

WMI - World Manfufacturer Identifier

First three letters of VIN code specify continent, country and manufacturer. WMI similarity to manufacturer name is partialy coincidence and partialy manufacturer can affect it - manufacturer gets only some characters and it is only its decision how to use these characters. Characters S - Z on the first position are for Europe. Germany, for example, has two first letters WA-W0 Germany and Porsche has WP0 - it seems that it is shortcut of Porsche, but it is only half true. (Next exymple can be Volkswagen and his three letters WVW). Sometimes has shortcut no poetic sense.

VDS - Vehicle Descriptor Section

Next 5 letters are for vehicle description. I mentioned it before - someone stores there a lot of information (body, motor, airbags ...), but someone only base information or nothing.

Check digit of VIN

Check digit is on the nineth position. Check digit is good for checking mistakes in whole code (check sum of all other characters). It is not 100% thing, but finds almost all mistakes. This digit is mandatory only in North America, but a lot of other manufacturers use this digit in last years. Cars made in nineties usualy do not have this check digits. This position is used for description of body (as standard says!).

VIS - Vehicle Identifier Section

10.position of VIN - model year

Tenth character marks model year. This is not year of car production but of car model year. Model year means that car made between September 2004 and August 2005 has model year 2005 etc. Better aproximate information than none. Next problem with this character (but only small) is that it has only 30 posibilities - every 30 years there is same character - it occured in 2010 first. Last information about this position is that there are not characters Z and U because of substitution with 2 and V.

11. position of VIN - factory

Eleventh character says information about manufacturers factory where car was made. There is not any general table of factories, it is only on manufacturer, which info there will be.

Last 6 digits VIN - ID of car

Last six characters are unique identifier of vehicle - distinguishes vehicles of same manufacturer, same factory and same other parameters (model, body etc).

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